Accounting Systems

Accounting Systems

Every company has an accounting system, whether it is “running the company out of the back pocket,” using numerous spreadsheets, “kind of” using QuickBooks or a fully integrated accounting system. Accounting systems have two main functions:

  • Provide enough information to file accurate tax returns
  • Provide accurate and timely financial information to owners, managers and/or creditors

If you are having problems with your accounting system, I can help you produce accurate and timely information. I have experience with many different accounting systems including the following:

  • QuickBooks—Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor
  • Sage MAS90 and Sage Business Works
  • Exact Software/Macola
  • Navision

I can help reconcile your accounting problems and train your employees to fully utilize the accounting system you have. If you have outgrown your current accounting system, I can assist in analyzing your needs and help find the right accounting system for your company.